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Elysian partners with leading Strategy Advisory firms in providing them with outstanding, experienced talent. Strategy Consultants are charged with high-level decisions for leading global organisations, so we have developed a resilient strategy network across all industries and subsectors, pioneering innovative responses and approaches to tackling solutions for some of the industry’s most complex and unexpected issues. We are extremely experienced with advising candidates through the extended processes, and providing our clients with thought-provoking candidates.

Strategy & Analytics Skills

For employers, getting the right people means identifying people with the right skills and qualities to fulfill the role and contribute to the overall organisational performance. We work with exceptional candidates for unique opportunities across some of the most successful consultancies in the industry.

We look for the whole package, but while your education and experience may make you eligible to apply for a job, to really shine there are specialist skills associated with each role.

Here we identify some of the most important skill sets for this sector.

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Our experts pride themselves on delivering the best candidates available through the 'Elysian Way' and quality evaluation - technically, attitude, track record and reputation. Working to very high standards, they build long term relationships in order to acquire and deliver the talent needed. Our end goal is to ultimately provide a service to our clients that make us stand out from the crowd.